Matthew (Yong Gyu) Han, LAc., CA State QME (Qualified Medical Evaluator)

Acupuncture as a safe and effective treatment system has been demonstrated throughout thousands of years. My approach to healing is holistic, individualized and based within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) framework. True health is about maintaining a delicate balance and ensuring smooth flow of Qi (vital energy) within our bodies. Acupuncture has shown strong clinical results in restoring balance and smooth Qi flow addressing the root cause of disease and strengthening the body's natural ability to heal.

Life events, trauma, work environment, stress, and diet can have a significant impact on our health. Everyone is different and has a specific set of circumstances, making every course of my treatment unique and different. Whether you are dealing with auto / work / sports related injury, chronic pain, digestive problems, depression / anxiety or weight control issue acupuncture can help achieve a safe and effective healing. 


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